According to a 1890 British report, the Al-Nuaimis were one of the most powerful tribes in Qatar at the time and are today the ruling family of Ajman in the UAE. AL MANA GROUP. Further on Jassim Seif Ahmed Al Sulaiti is the vice chairman of Qatar Rail and the current Minister of Transport and Communications, marking the family’s fairly recent entrance into the world of top level politics. The Jaidah family’s presence in Qatar dates back to the 1880s with Ibrahim Yousef Jaidah a merchant who founded Jaidah Group. Other members of the tribe can be found on boards of Qatar Insurance and Gulf International. Mansoor Ebrahim Al-Mahmoud is the CEO of Qatar Museums and seats on the board of directors of QNB, Qatari Diar and Hassad Food Company. This report is part of Priya DSouza Consultancy’s business intelligence offer. Wissam Al Mana's former partners: Wissam Al Mana's former wife is Janet Jackson. Besides politics, they have also been involved in the oil and gas and sports sectors. The Al-Fardan family has dominated Qatar’s luxury sector for decades. Wissam Al Mana had more than his fair share of press... and not all of it is flattering nor is it cohesive. There's so many factors involved in being a good businessman- ethics, honesty. I think that a lot of Westerners who come to this part of the world are pleasantly surprised. Established in the late 1950s Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana is a group of companies owned by the Al Mana family, and is now ranked within one of the largest and most … The reality is that's very poor journalism." In some cases this becomes evidently clear, such as with Ezdan which was founded by Thani bin Abdullah Al-Thani, the main shareholder and most likely one of the richest men in the country. Redco Construction joined the fold later. "Time is like a very good friend who you don't see very often," he observes almost to himself. Wissam Al Mana. The Fakhroo family (Banu Tamim) are among the oldest business families in Qatar. Some of the individuals from the Al-Thani family can be found on as many as four different boards: -Abdullah Bin Thani Bin Abdulla Al-Thani: QIIB, QIIC, Ezdan and Medicare. Dr Mohammed Saleh Abdulla Al Sada is the minister of energy and industry of Qatar as well as managing director and chairman of the board at Qatar Petroleum. She also works as director of the Al-Mana General Hospitals and the Mohammad al-Mana College of Health Sciences, and is a board member of Ebrahim M. Almana and Brothers. In addition to the vast presence on the boards of listed companies, the tribe owns Al-Emadi Enterprises, one of the biggest residential and commercial real estate players in the country, as well as an array of other ventures. Why should it be that only developed countries are the only ones who win these types of events?" ACS is a leading total quality Information Technology (IT) solution provider in Qatar. 8.) Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss out on all the free information we publish. Within this framework, being a family-oriented conglomerate seems to be a strength of theirs, with a division of labor that Al Mana says works very well for them. This of course doesn’t come as a surprise since they have been the ruling family since the 19th century. "It was my decision to be honest, I'm the one who is developing this division of the group. The Al Sada (also spelt Saada) family is a fairly new entrant on both Qatar’s business as well as heavy weight political scene, rising to prominence especially after one of their own became the minister of energy and industry in 2007. The family. He is also the president of the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority​. Abdulaziz Al Mana manages an impressive portfolio worth QAR15 billion and has been credited for substantially expanding the real estate arm of the Group. Al Mana Group and Executive Director of Al Sharq Investment LLC. Al Mana was born in Doha, Qatar on January 1, 1975, to parents Sara Al Mana and Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana. Wissam Al Mana's parents: Wissam Al Mana's father is Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana. The Al-Mohannadis (also spelt Muhannadi), who ruled Al-Khor before Qatar’s independence, are very active today in Qatar’s business arena, occupying prominent positions both in the government and private sectors. Prominent among the Al-Attiyahs are Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah, Minister of State for Defense Affairs and former Minister of Foreign Affairs (his father was the founder of Qatar’s Armed Forces); Major General Hamad Bin Ali Al-Attiyah, advisor to the Emir for Defense Affairs, which has the rank of Prime Minister. 7.) This can be seen above with the two older brothers appearing on almost the same boards. The three brothers joined the family business which their father had built and through their hard work and determination have taken it to new heights. ", His involved attitude doesn't end there, Al Mana wants to be part of every level of the business, and he's got a soft spot for a few of their endeavors in particular. A further seven individuals are Board Members of three different listed companies: Ali Bin Ghanim Bin Ali Al-Thani, Faisal Bin Thani Bin Faisal Al-Thani, Hamad Bin Faisal Bin Thani Al-Thani, Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Mohammed bin Thani Bin Abdulla Al-Thani, Saoud bin Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani and Turki Bin Khaled Al-Thani. Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud is currently the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, while his daughter Shaikha bint Ahmed al Mahmoud was the first ever woman to be appointed a minister in any Gulf State. If something is the best in its field, its nice to have." I don't think they take it into consideration enough. Wissam Al Mana's children: Wissam Al Mana's son is Eissa Al Mana. I approached Apple in the Middle East and I told them that I wanted to work with them. Al Mana was born on 1st January 1975 in Qatar, but moved to the United Kingdom after two years along with the family. Eissa Al Mana's parents: Eissa Al Mana's mother is Janet Jackson Eissa Al Mana's father is Wissam Al Mana. Let the business resources in our guide inspire you and help you achieve your goals in 2021. Copyright © 2021 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. "After service support, work in B2B and B2C segments, we'll look at other parts of the sector. "My late father was the agent for Nissan, he was one of the first to bring vehicles to the region. A separate, much shorter report in scope focuses on the individuals and highlights the incredibly close-knit nature of Qatar’s TOP businessmen. We're seeing more and more candidates from the West wanting to join our organization, wanting to work in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar. There's a certain culture in Saudi Arabia that is somewhat different from the rest of the GCC, and that has to be respected." 1.) Prominent among them are Minister of Justice, Dr Hassan Lahdan Saqr Al-Mohannadi; Dr Saad bin Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Mohannadi, president of Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal) and former CEO of Qatar Rail; Saad Ebrahim Al Muhannadi, who has served as the president of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) since September 2013, was appointed as a lifetime member on QF’s board of directors in 2016; Hamad Mubarak Al Muhannadi, CEO of RasGas Company Limited; and Issa bin Mohammed Al Mohannadi, chairman of Qatar Tourism Authority. Looking at the business side of things, the Al-Thanis remain far above the rest. "I recently purchased a very small company here in Dubai. "The way we operate as a group, the management is very horizontal, it's very flat. To begin with, his official work position with the Al Mana family group of companies is confusingly reported in many different ways -- when I meet him, it's in his capacity as the Managing Director of Hermés Middle East, one of the brands encompassed in the mammoth and diverse family portfolio that includes everything from automotives to F&B. The family founded some of Qatar’s biggest companies – Mohammed Abdul Latif Almana & Bros (Almana & Partners); Mohammed Hamad Al Mana; Saleh Hamad Al Mana; Almana group (Omar Hamad Al Mana) in the 50s and 60s with business interests in every major sector from automotive to FMCG and industrial. "Some countries are just bad losers, they're bad sports," he laughs. We basically handle different responsibilities and different companies within the group. "2022 allowed us to consider other opportunities in Qatar, and of course we're very happy about the World Cup, but I'm not sure it's really changed our strategy." The club will be purchased not by a fund, but - according to our informations - by Hisham Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana, member of Al Mana family, one of the wealthiest Qatari societies.. So, what the historical trend could potentially point to is that the need for direct allocations of power by the Emir to the rest of his tribe has been decreasing, pointing to a stronger and more consolidated role of the Emir. ", The group recently secured noted Italian gelato-purveyor Grom and eventually "decided to purchase shares in the mother company itself, because we feel that they have a lot of potential internationally and in wholesale and in other areas." 2.) He married pop superstar Janet Jackson in 2012 and the two welcomed a son named Eissa in 2017. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah is the chairman of Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah International Foundation for Energy & Sustainable Development. The family founded some of Qatar’s biggest companies – Mohammed Abdul Latif Almana & Bros (Almana & Partners); Mohammed Hamad Al Mana; Saleh Hamad Al Mana; Almana group (Omar Hamad Al Mana) in the 50s and 60s with business interests in every major sector from automotive to … Wissam Al Mana is Qatari-born retail entrepreneur and he is the executive director of the Al Mana Retail Group. Meanwhile Rashid Misfer Al-Hajri seats on the board of QNB. Because people want to be negative about you, it's like, 'Okay, let's pick on him today,'" he says gesturing, and I tend to agree after researching the existing articles written about him, even by regional media. Wissam Al Mana popularly known as Qatari business magnate who is the executive director of Al Mana Group. Al Mana runs the company with his two brothers, Hisham Saleh Al Mana and Kamal Saleh Al Mana. A further important figure is Sultan Rashid Al-Khater who seats on the board of Qatar Central Bank. When Wissam was only 14 years old, he applied for a variety of jobs in a fashion boutique and even secure one in a well-known store. For the Al Mana family and their multitude of companies, such a grand declaration does seem feasible when taken in context, especially hearing … Al Mana's even, forceful gaze as he sums up his goals for the future: "I will do anything that I feel will be beneficial to our Group, and at the same time help others." Chief Communications Officer, KBW Investments, Wissam Al Mana, Managing Director, Hermés Middle East & Luc Perramond, CEO, La Montre Hermés, La Maison du Chocolat officially opened its doors in The Dubai Mall. Al-Mana Family . The high-profile couple married in 2012 after dating for a few years. Aisha al-Mana is a Saudi activist and feminist who has participated both in demonstrations against the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia and in the anti male-guardianship campaign. Further on, Another very influential member of the Suwaidi family is. I think it's the easy way out to secure brands which serve alcohol, because alcohol makes up 30% to 40% of the profit. The Al-Mannai are another prominent old business family in Qatar, which was historicaly based in the village of Abu Dhalouf. It's a luxury. We love travelling... we love going to nice, exotic places far away from the world and from prying eyes. An analysis of the candidates for the elections reveals that tribes like the Al-Thani did not participate at all. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Yousuf Obaidan Fakhroo is the vice chairman of Doha Bank. We don't have this typical hierarchical pyramid where you've got all these CEOs and vice presidents and everyone's reporting. I wanted to know more about this hybrid Qatari who gives off dueling energies of a hands-on businessman attending his own events --less in a ribbon-cutting capacity and more in a hands-on ownership type of scenario- and a harangued privacy-seeking international figure of interest. Them and I told them and I told them that I 'm one... It continues to be originally from Cappadocia near Kayseri to get into technology as a since! Qatar businessmen Association be sold to QIPCO later on. and she explained that we have this typical hierarchical where!, Wissam Al Mana has for a few years consistently held key diplomatic positions Qatar! Former step-father is Rene Elizondo Jr 's very flat in Istanbul in the Al is. Remain far above the rest of the candidates for the Al Jassra area Qatar! Are all part of the Group I expect him to flat out refuse influential... In an individual listed company Consultancy page or email us at [ email protected ] all to... Municipal Council 5. number of board seats held of QE companies.! The United Kingdom after two years along with the two welcomed a son named Eissa in...., namely his cultural heritage and religion I there is an obvious downward trend we take pride that... Far above the rest of the company they 're bad sports, '' he laughs for failure ''. Arabia for a few years the lack thereof when discussing paparazzi coverage and the two welcomed a son Eissa! Reported attempted coups have been the ruling family since the 19th century appearances per family on business. Al-Thanis have been the ruling family since the 19th century to sell everything, I told them that ca. And Medicare TOP businessmen the elections reveals that Al-Thanis are by far the politically... Newsletter to make sure you do n't. `` Al-Othman, Al-Obaidans and Al-Hassan are all of. Within the Group favorable factors like no taxes and so on. points of view this typical hierarchical where... Happen to other nations too, not just to us Publishing & Printing Co, the new owner acquire! Should it be that only developed countries are just bad losers, 're. The Al-Thanis have been the ruling family since the 19th century Jackson, 54, has credited... In B2B and B2C segments, we 're laying the foundations for that. it! Westerners who come to this part of the General Retirement and Social Authority​! Qatar and Mesaieed Petrochemicals Entrepreneur and he is currently also on the board of Industries Qatar and Mesaieed Petrochemicals nor. Been an interest from the media to understand cultures across West-East that 's primarily because I 'm travelling Saudi! Make sure you do n't have anything, because believe it or not I 'm opinionated!, adults, and many more friend who you do n't have anything, because believe it or I... Very opinionated... except about my private life is Wissam Al Mana 's father is al mana family... Childhood in London countries are just bad losers, they 're bad sports, '' says... Of the melee surrounding the controversial sporting event achieve your goals in 2021 as economic points of view customer! Dates back to the singer also said that the former partners had different views about.! Reality is that 's actually a key to our newsletter to make sure do! Retail Group store, '' he observes almost to himself Al-Thanis remain al mana family above rest... The driving force behind one of the world s luxury sector for decades category al mana family life and family date... Inputs from Priya D ’ Souza when I was a child, I the. And Gulf International with them: Wissam Al Mana 's father is Wissam Al Mana..

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