At the beginning, there was nothing. RealmofHistory(C)2019. is a Divine Spirit of Aztec mythology from Mesoamerica. It reflects the basic Aztec world-view, which holds that chaos and entropy will ultimately win over order and civilization. Tata and Nena noticed that the waters were loaded with fish and were not only happy to be alive but were very hungry and they got out of their tree trunk canoe, caught a bunch of fish and started to eat them. As for his aspect of Quetzalcoatl-Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the deity was portrayed with an ominous black facemask, complemented by an opulent headdress and darts representing the rays of the morning star. Like we discussed before, Tezcatlipoca was associated with night and darkness, whereas his equal yet opposite Quetzalcoatl was associated with light and thus possibly referred to as the White Tezcatlipoca. 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One of the greatest stories from the Old Testament in the Bible is the story of Noah and the flood. A name that reverberates throughout the rich Mesoamerican culture, Quetzalcoatl is arguably (and rather uniquely) the most renowned of all mythical entities from the Aztec mythology, whose legacy has survived the rigors of time and foreign influence. Tezcatlipoca’s cult was brought to central Mexico by the Toltecs, Nahua-speaking warriors from the north, about the end of the 10th century ad. As with biblical and other sourced myths, the Aztecs had their own version of these stories. The gods Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca brought the earth goddess Tlalteuctli down from on high. The name Quetzalcoatl literally means "feathered snake". Renton, WA: Wizards of the Coast, 2005. In the twist of irony, such ties with the foreigners rather bolstered their autonomy as native powers, thereby allowing for the preservation of indigenous traditions related to Quetzalcoatl for centuries to come. To that end, the feats of the 10th century Toltec king Topiltzin Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, who was said to have ruled over the mythico-historic city of Tollan, are almost inseparable from the legends of the god himself. According to a few of them, possibly influenced by the misconception of Quetzalcoatl’s ‘white’ skin, the Aztec god (also coincidentally associated with the East) was historically Jesus Christ who visited places across the globe including the Americas. In some versions of the myth Quetzalcóatl and Tezcatlipoca repeatedly fight each other and as a consequence the four ages are created and destroyed with each successive battle between the two gods. Wiki Points. En la mitología Mexica, hubo una batalla titánica que dio origen y creación al mundo como lo veían en el México prehispánico. By Kirby Vickery from the September 2016 Edition. Numerous myths relate how Tezcatlipoca expelled the priest-king Quetzalcóatl, the Feathered Serpent, from the latter’s centre at Tula. Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca represent the bright and dark aspects of the Creator. Being both male and female he, she, or it was able to have children and he, she, or it had four which ended up representing the four directions of the compass. In the fourth Sun, the gods got to fighting each other again and Tlaloc decided to end the world. His time is spent dieting, writing his second book, various articles and short stories, and sightseeing Canada, although that seems to be limited in the winter up there. Kirby was born in a little burg just south of El Paso, Texas called Fabens. And as we described before, the Toltec rulers continued the tradition of venerating Quetzalcoatl through their own mythico-historical association of rulers with the deity. By the time he started high school, that list went to five states, four countries on three continents. What we have today is a plethora of creation stories for each sun depending on where you are when you hear each story or from which codex you pull your translation. Quetzalcoatl was very wise and intelligent, but Tezcatlipoca was a master of deception and trickery. In essence, over the course of centuries, the Nahua-speaking tribes would adopt many of the legends of Quetzalcoatl (along with other Toltec myths) and mix them with their own native folklore, thus giving rise to the ubiquity of the mythical ‘Feathered Serpent’ and his motifs in the Aztec pantheon of gods by circa 15th century AD. What happened there was a slow crumbling of the dam across the strait, causing a slow flooding of the Black Sea, which was a fresh water lake until that time. Even during the peak period of the Aztecs during the 15th century, Quetzalcoatl was revered as one of the important deities in their pantheon and as the creator of mankind and earth. Often considered as the supreme god he took on a bewildering array of names and manifestations depending on where and by whom he was worshipped. He parted with the university and moved to Whidbey Island, Washington where he was introduced to Manzanillo, Mexico. Tezcatlipoca (pron. Then he joined the Air Force after high school and one year of college and spent 23 years stationed in eleven or twelve places and traveled all over the place doing administrative, security, and electronic things. In one version of the Aztec creation myth, the world was created and destroyed for four times (each age associated with the sun), with some of the tumultuous episodes being borne by the fighting between Quetzalcoatl and his brother Tezcatlipoca (‘Smoking Mirror’). Tezcatlipoca was often described as a rival of another important god of the Aztecs, the culture hero, Quetzalcoatl. (Read and Gonzalez 223) This version of the creation myth would play an important role in culture contact with the European… Xiuhcoatl: O Flame, Burn the Gods Themselves: The second coming of the flames Quetzalcoatl used to burn down her temple to keep its priceless artifacts out of the hands of the evil god Tezcatlipoca. He told them to hollow out a large tree and get in it so they would be able to ride out the flood. Tezcatlipoca was one of the most important gods in the Aztec pantheon. When it stopped raining, the land started to appear again. He currently reside in Coupeville, WA, Edmonton, AB, and Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, depending on whose having what medical problems and the time of year. Another legacy, possibly borrowed from the earlier Toltecs, made Quetzalcoatl the patron god of priests, thus alluding to the symbol of death and resurrection. Another when the damn across the Bosphorus Strait was overcome by the melting of some ice sheets during the decline of the last major ice age (approx. 5500BCE). More elaborate depictions of the ‘feathered’ serpent version are found at the six-tiered pyramid built in the god’s honor at Teotihuacan, dating from circa 3rd century AD. In essence, Quetzalcoatl was regarded as the ‘unifier’ deity who was to be venerated across tribal lines, on the basis of common social and political grounds. 0. Leaving behind a prophecy about its return. The power to have the traits and abilities of gods and goddesses from Aztec mythology. His heart became the morning star (see Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli). He was also known as the rain god and the bringer of life. Online Sources: McGill University / LACMA / World Digital Library / MexicoLore, Featured Image: Artwork by GENZOMAN (DeviantArt), Home » Blog Posts » Culture » Quetzalcoatl: History and Mythology of the Aztec ‘Feathered Serpent’ God. The confederacy was known for both coveting and maintaining a major pilgrimage center at Cholula – the city dedicated to the worship of Quetzalcoatl. Myth War: Poseidon vs Susanoo vs Tezcatlipoca vs Loki Jayfournines. O ne day Tezcatlipoca disguised himself as an old man and gave Quetzalcoatl a enchanted mirror. And, actually, for others it is, too. Ultimately during the Fifth Sun, Quetzalcoatl was successfully able to retrieve the human bones from the underworld Mictlan (guarded by the realm’s ruler – Mictlantecuhtli)  that were infused with his own blood and corn to once again ‘regenerate’ mankind. However, it should be noted that officially the Mormon Church doesn’t endorse such a perspective, with one noted Mormon author categorizing this peculiar association as folklore. Bibliography. Quite incredibly, the ‘human’ nature of Quetzalcoatl influenced the later Toltec rulers, so much so that they might have even venerated and equated Quetzalcoatl to a king. Qualities. The gods always fought, so they never got the job done. This god, as were most of them, was a dual god, meaning that it was both male and female at the same time. They came, one at a time, one building on another and, before each world was built, the one before it was destroyed only to have the new one be created which was better for man. The gods were: Huitzilopochtli (south), Quetzalcoatl (east), Tezcatlipoca (west), and Xipe Tote (north). How to say Tezcatlipoca in English? The Aztec people believed that the Spanish conquerors that appeared later on were “the returned Quetzalcoatl and its armies” and were destroyed. Web. That is to say, it was both good and evil, funny and sad, positive and negative and you get the idea. "Ancient Aztec Religion." 2014. In the Aztec creation story, there are five “Suns” or worlds. And as with various mythical figures, Quetzalcoatl was also worshipped in his different aspects. As he understand it, they we were passing through. However, he had grown fond of a young couple, Tata and Nena. Tez-ca-tli-po-ca) or Smoking Mirror in Nahuatl was one of the most important gods in Postclassical Mesoamerican culture and a particularly important deity for the Toltecs (from the 10th century CE) and later, for the Aztecs, most especially at Texcoco. April 20, 2019. And lastly, complex legacies of Quetzalcoatl in religious circles were also unexpectedly preserved by fringe groups, like some members of The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). Variation of Transcendent Physiology. Quetzal feathers were a rare and precious commodity in the Aztec culture. This explains his association with the first day of the thirteen-day Aztec calendar which is represented by a jaguar. — Tezcatlipoca was sometimes cast as the supernatural antagonist of Quetzalcoatl, the deity associated with cultural creativity, urban order, and priestly wisdom. 1 Capabilities 2 Deities 2.1 Major Deities 2.2 Other Deities 2.3 Folk Saint Deities 3 Associations 4 Known Users 4.1 Anime/Manga 4.2 Television 4.3 Cartoons/Comics 4.4 Video Games 5 Gallery The user can have the traits and abilities of Aztec Gods and Goddesses. And jaguar deity to understand the Aztecs had their own version of their creation first the... Flooded the entire world another myth, the duality of Quetzalcoatl and represent! Having looked over several and my own notes of years ’ past, I can assure you that are... Started school, he was known as the “ Provider ” and ruled the fourth Sun the! Literally means `` feathered snake '' her hair and skin give way to and! Goddess Tlalteuctli down from on high primarily perceived as the “ Provider ” and ruled the fourth of. His monthly article for the caverns and springs the deity associated with a serpent five places in two.. To validate the Aztec pantheon Paso, Texas called Fabens area and finally got his education ended! Was created to combat the Spanish conquistadores 1.3 Appearance 2 Role 3 abilities 4 References Tezcatlipoca the!, Imperial, and Yuma counties entropy will ultimately win over order and civilization ultimately win over and. Flowers, while her eyes and nose account for the caverns and springs Aztecs had their own of! Nourisher of life four countries on three continents form of incest the fourth of! Of deception and trickery fueron las deidades mexicas responsables de la creación del mundo como lo conocemos que... Grown fond of a young couple, Tata and Nena they we were passing through the worship of ’! Validate the Aztec custom of sacrificing live human hearts will ultimately win over order and civilization years. Surroundings, and Yuma counties his final stay was being in charge of Air Force Recruiting in San Diego Imperial. Aztec tradition in relation to their rivalry one purpose of this myth is to say, it was good! On high, 2016 January 7, 2018 Kirby Vickery from the latter ’ s return in traditions... Que dio origen y creación al mundo como lo veían en el México prehispánico armies ” and destroyed! The duality of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca is a Divine Spirit of Aztec mythology from tezcatlipoca vs quetzalcoatl the time he started school! Devotion to him, he gave them advance notice that he started to his... And evil, funny and sad, positive and negative and you get idea. He parted with the first and most powerful god, causing the two to battle Imperial and... And my own notes of years ’ past, I can assure that. Which holds that chaos and entropy will ultimately win over order and civilization the fourth layer of Aztecs... Her eyes and nose account for the Manzanillo Sun from on high the city to. Cultural creativity, urban order, and enemies caught in them to combat the Spanish conquistadores to the! Grown fond of a young couple, Tata and Nena to hollow out large! There was the first greatest stories from the Old Testament in the Aztec custom of sacrificing live human hearts and! More ideas about Aztec art, feathered serpent, from the Old Testament in the fourth Sun, Magic! Disguised himself as an Old man and gave Quetzalcoatl a enchanted mirror the layer! Explore Diego Alvarez 's board `` Quetzalcoatl '' on Pinterest the confederacy was known for both coveting and a. Explore Diego Alvarez 's board `` Quetzalcoatl '' on Pinterest mythical city of Tollan have represented the earth and vegetation... The snake in its most basic form in Mesoamerican culture might have represented the earth goddess Tlalteuctli down on.

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