Gyldenhul Barrow on Solstheim A Barrow is a holy, consecrated burial place for Nord dead. Board index ‹ The Elder Scrolls ‹ V - Skyrim; ... Yngol Barrow Trouble. By Katie. Virtually all barrows are defended by undead known as draugr. My objective is to Kill the leader of Yngol Barrow. The Coral Dragon Claw is an item you obtain from the Merchant in Winterhold. It is Yngol Barrow, I did it some time ago, and these orbs were there (I wouldn't call them orbs, more like floating spirits/light balls). December 2, 2011. yngol barrow. @Topic They're there for the atmosphere, and I have to say, they're pretty darn effective. While playing the game, I froze the action with the 'tfl 1' command, then took multiple side-by-side shots of the scene in order to find the best set. I was revisiting this place, because I actually think it's beautiful. Anyways. In the case of larger barrows, they may contain not only the remains of many, many people, but also altars and offerings in accessible places and also statues, groupings of large burial urns and a variety of defensive traps. Entered the dungeon, there's no Helm of Yngol to be found, no Shade, just the Helm of Winterhold. This issue has been addressed by version 2.0.4 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; Dungeon Delving will reserve the location and block this quest from running until it is completed. I'm stuck with this puzzle. I'm on a mission called: Trouble in Skyrim. The first was to find Helm of Winterhold for the Jarl. If Dungeon Delving has sent you to Yngol Barrow, the Helm of Yngol and the skeleton it rests upon are completely missing. Yngol Barrow So I happens upon Ygnol barrow and I remember reading about the helm that it is inside so I went on in to get it. WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME! I reached a room where I had to kill a large skeleton and then I had to find a way to raise these mental bars to get through the door that had stairs. Yngol Barrow crypt is along the right side of the river north-east of Windhelm. When I first arrived to Yngol Barrow, these small balls of light began following me throughout the cave. The Awesome Skyrim Walkthough told by some girl with nothing better to do today. I put off the Jarl’s quest until now because I’m just lazy like that. SKYRIM How To Solve Yngol Barrow Door Puzzle Commentary + Tutorial It's a whale, a snake, and a … » Mon May 21, 2012 12:00 am . And again, those little orbs kept following me around. Yngol Barrow glitch in Skyrim? The second is a Companian quest called Trouble in Skyrim. It is necessary to proceed through Yngol Barrow, the location of the helm of I wasn't so interested in a dungeon since I walked into Bleak Falls Barrow for the first time. The original was done while the shadows and candles were moving, which caused a bit of a convergence issue. I have used the key and killed the last guy in there (that I know of). I went back and redid this photo for better 3D. So I am in Yngol barrow at the end of the line. Please allow this clarification, after speaking to the folks & Jarl in Winterhold, the misc quest "Find the Helm of Winterhold in Yngol Barrow" is logged.

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