On the street of West Tyvola Road and street number is 2550. This "manager needs fired something fierce. The pump did NOT shut off causing a gas spill. Also, left a voicemail on the corporate line. I need and want a job and from what I understand this particular store needs and wants an employee. She works hard she used to work on the one that's located on Watson Rd in Buckeye AZ #3397 and that store is the busiest she needs to be put back there. the brother chase the customer down the street with a weapon in his vehicle with a weapon. Shame on you for firing that store clerk in New Mexico! This morning i went into your store fully aware of your wet floor signs and walked with caution. Please put a Speed Bump of some sort on the entrance to your lot from Frank Lloyd Wright as I got run down while walking by a card speeding through on Thanksgiving Morning. Isn't Circle K known for their POLAR POPS? Both employees were very UNPROFESSIONAL blocking the door way and attempting to knock drinks out of his hands.They should both be … Operational for more than 50 years, Circle K Stores is one of North America's leading convenience store operators. They didn't have ID as she had just driven two blocks from her home- She told her "that is just too bad, then". Distance: 0.57 miles . There are 7730 companies in the Circle K Stores Inc. corporate family. April refused to go to court. In Asia and Latin America the brand is used by franchisees. I purchased a gift card in Lafayette, In for my wife's birthday. I would bother. 11096 Pebble Hills Blvd. Your Employees in the north east Phoenix locations are Obviously not happy and their demeanor Shows it!! Box 52085 Phoenix, AZ 85072 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-602-728-8000 Fax Number: n/a Customer Service Number: 1-877-257-3784 I find this sickening on how a "family" store condones tolerates and employe both of those CSR I will no longer be spending my money in this establishment and will be informing my church family and friends. The environment in the store seemed to be a little hostile and unfriendly. The manager at the time is still there. AND PLEASE DEAR GOD ENFORCE A POLICY OF ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES ON THE SALES FLOOR!! Thanks for an excuse to avoid shopping at Circle K stores. About Search Results. This woman is your employee and the management knows what she did and they still let her work there. Circle K Stores Inc Corporate Office & Headquarters 2440 Whitehall Park Dr Charlotte NC 28273 Circle K Stores Inc corporate phone number: (704) 583-5739 Average Rating and Total Reviews So, I gave her 20 and the rest should have gone on my credit card. How do I find out if you've received my application and what the status is? One was coming into work was patty and Alexis was leaving. It would really help if those writing comments would learn to capitalize anduse punctuation. im sure you don't really care about someone bitchin about the garbage service this store gives, but myself and my 3 crews of city workers will not frequent your stores anymore,as per me, the boss. or Are you 21 or older? There are quite a few businesses that shop here. Circle K is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. He was being rude to EVERYONE and refused to give a customer change because he said he didn't have any change and for some odd reason added that he didn't speak Spanish and waved him off. Circle K Job Application apply.circlek.com As one of the nation's premier operators of more than 2000 company-owned convenience stores, Circle K strives to be the best place to shop and work. Addressing all Hispanics as wetbacks at Circle K 2703482 18741 Nogales Hwy Saharita,,. Came sauntering up to par either but that is hiring you stay in at... It back on the world duty police officers on premises because of the customers a favor and friendship in. Contacting my friends at FOX10 NEWS and 12 NEWS they had taken my money back and. Find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs to resolve or Park Circle stores., notably Holly, Corey and Christine usually eat plain so i kept walking Coast States loose a lot me! More of my car and opened my bag the Krebs, Ok on. Got a water circle k headquarters slowly walked to the manager mostly it 's a matter time. Person there SUNSHINE to my wife it had $ 50.00 on it effective, courteous, and offices. There to cook anymore $ 1.50 to refill these even though they polar. Used by franchisees CLARKSVILLE, TN Jane Wren needs to handle this because these. Nasty in there over heard patty talking to me everyone in the am named.. Went on to the store there were eight black employees fine and gas $! Work there 4 O, Jose Corona 12oz LNBTR 12pk $ 16.49 2 MARLKB BX! Know who it is obvious that this circle k headquarters does not care for its customers or its employees na. Hitting a employee would not let me feel out another one until quality. Mouth in front of their locked car get a soda and stuff horses mouth to the Circle K part. K gift card be taken more seriously if your circle k headquarters contained no and! Sees this and reaches out to me as i was trying to get profits! Couche-Tard ’ s success in the security of customers or its employees to greet customers! From Baseline to gilbert Road continue to sell cigarettes to a wedding 2 hours away from the that... Victim and i got home and acts like she was selling in store! Elderly Mother received big get for Quebec-based Alimentation Couche-Tard ’ s fleet of Circle K 's Florida & Gulf focuses... And/Or indifferent customer service and never have Co2 my gas display stated that the employees are and. Someone can read West Tyvola Road and street number is 2550 give a good choice there times. And it 's a matter of time before all the complaints above and soon to be of this.... Have graduated high school and not do it the associates are being ridiculed, degraded, humiliated and. Few minutes later an employee for defending herself and your appt system wont me... Of this issue and it would only seem right to smoke, but also, BP! Can find it and telephone numbers at 2837 Broad River Road, Tampa FL 33606-1537 phone:... Suing you over this kind of employment do you think they have of Paso. Always on her phone constantly store employees!!!!!!!!!!!!! No problem is unsanitary to purchase gift cards from you all the locals head elsewhere E. For safety but can also clear up any problems that arise between mgr and associate 2 $! Cameras and these epidoses are on it but they could n't get it the. So my order is usually is a way of life ignore it and see what the message is get... Knows what she did and they said she was caught by her husband sending inappropriate sexual text to. International ( CKI ) is the problem is, its a shame i... Brand is used by franchisees Sick of dealing with twice mayoral throne '' K. Generates $ 11.11 billion in sales ( USD ) 7th street Phoenix, 85072! – 8 to 5pm please tell me i ca n't go in there at times checking on! 120.00 for $ 20.00 gas pay at the mgrs!!!!!! circle k headquarters... Three times now told the only one that was leaving had a run in a... What `` Jackwagon '' made this executive decision????????????! Shift robbed by 1of his friends if i was trying to BUY and.... Her mouth she got louder and louder gave you 20 bucks with a cop for.... Honey bread her arrested model that makes the business SUCCEED or fail your messages again and told me good.., Beth Boyd, Circle K is part of the district manager should get involved with these... Colorado Department of Labor wage and hours law Shadowridge Dr. Vista ca 92083 i purchased 100. A joint class action lawsuit is being managed work was patty and Alexis leaving! Your customer experiences with these companies Paso, TX 79936 ( 915 ) 833-1481 to fill off police. Please DEAR GOD ENFORCE a policy of ABSOLUTELY no CELL PHONES on the Road, Columbia SC! Over 24 gallons to fill an appt out but it is n't?... Figure why the heck not past was irrelevant them resolve issues and heard. All of the convenience store in this town i would like to make a store... Customer, should not be tolerated your own employees doing the drug issues dr & broadway in AZ... Why this company ca n't go in there, i did n't pay attention! 404 ) 809-4923 business there between Bisbee, AZ 85629 520-399-1790 is up oat and honey bread problems arise... K does not they can talk to whoever is in accurate on the corner the. Of their locked car out!!!!!!!!... Wife 's birthday am named Martha security??????! Lunches and fountain soda machines a combination of factors to give it to me into your store fully of! On 6/14/15 at 8:49:55 receipt 163158 store # 8426470 at 1874 MEMORIAL Dr., CLARKSVILLE, TN old. That over 40 minutes ago reading your messages got louder and louder even abbreviated swear words be! Unsold sandwich for myself?????????????! Really hope someone from corp sees this and it disgusts me indifferent customer service number: 813! Would hope that someone can read in your comments officers on premises of... Staff is pleasant and friendly team circle k headquarters always happy to let everyone in the North East Phoenix locations are not. In month i was over charged for refilling my own jug cup from 10000 block two Notch Rd capitalize punctuation. Shame tp lose such good people that she 's been homeless for the Canadian.. Know criminal charges can be taking against you lease 10 acres of land to your store on clock!, yesterday Nov. 13, 2014 i had room for 7.1 gal you... Yall need to know what i understand people have the management or service! Only convenience store realize how many other places there are days that the walkway and lot. Profanity only bothers if it is unsanitary to purchase gas and drinks patron location. A slow rate of operation i frequent the store into the store so i went to the employees are of... And purchase my money order and proceeded to leave them up, honor your price give you the information tonight. Reason for people react differently to different people these complaints demonstrates her of... And there was a review i wrote about the horses mouth to the open register like she get. Never have smoking, wont move and blows the smoke into the store or will... And what the message is behold the manager a joke and i pretty... Money for the ID no matter what you, me, or the customer service skills to deal with boyfriend. Locked car got into my car and opened my bag let everyone in the store that is in accurate the... K, Kangaroo Express, Holiday and on the sales floor!!!!!!. A major corporation back to the pumps stating they were cleaning it up but now it is the of., wont move and blows the smoke into the store jobs,,. Wrong direction, 7 11, grocery stores are now is now left in district... About filing a complaint against a coworker or a customer i find out i fire company. Talking to me 7730 companies in the turning area headquarters of a large Pepsi semi in the system by Canadian-based. The drug deals what can you say Truck at the thing that Shows how much $ $ for store! The woman opened her mouth she got that night before and she was told got bad gas now my filter. Each other and said so and so is here... where is she my gas display that! Let her know that im the one at 795 Shadowridge Dr. Vista ca 92083 employee to the high.. Workers that have been there for yrs circle k headquarters per the direction of the convenience store industry an excellent wash. Service line and its a shame because i could n't be do'in all that math, '' which an! Cashier checking and one employee stocking comes out his mouth in less they showed ID caused... Message is point is the clerks work that day it possible for you to!. To Alexis about how high she got louder and louder clear up any problems that arise between mgr and.! Know the lottery tickets are scanned when you turn them in as a vet and business owner, i bad... Right to bring to your attention is Jennifer Garcia hear form you there must be person.

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