She usually wore underwear, except, it's rumored, when she played opposite Clark Gable in "A Free Soul". Don't have the necessary long line required for chic or elegance!) Thanks for your comments, Marilyn! Hi, I really appreciate this chart of starlet sizes. Also look at the women in comparison to their male stars. I was stunned to see how short Garbo was! Actually, learning that changed the way I have viewed my figure. Body Measurements; Measurements: 38-27-36 inches/ 96.52-68.58-91.44 cm: Bust Size: 38 inches (96.52 cm) Bra Size: 36D: Waist Size: 27 inches (68.58 cm) Hips Size: 36 inches (91.44 cm) I was in college in the 70's and a size 7 5'4 105 35/22/35 no girdle nothing. See more ideas about joan, classic beauty, hollywood. The science of measurement—often summarized under the collective title “Statistical Process Control”—simply isn’t all that complicated. I would guess her to be 5'3". That means a gal today may have the same measurements as one of these stars, but weigh more.And, as you agreed with me, these numbers--especially dress sizes--are essentially meaningless. First I was like, "Hey, why is Katharine Hepburn all the way at the bottom?' Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren had .70 hip to waist ratio. It's clear from photos of her in bikinis or mostly nude that she was very skinny in the last year or so of her life. Joan Smalls Rodríguez [4] (Hatillo, Puerto Rico, 11 de julio de 1988) es una modelo puertorriqueña. Shearer also wore the Adrian bias-cut satin gowns so often in her early films that they were known as "Norma's nightgowns". And not surprised to hear about Garbo stooping a bit to compensate for her height. The sizes on the stars listed here would have qualified as ultra skinny so what gives? That said, I still love being tall! Registered in England & Wales No. So many things written about Marilyn's weight. Born September 16, 1932. Also, it's entirely possible that some of those numbers--particularly waist size--were skewed with some kind of corsetry. Thanks for compiling and sharing--this is fascinating! I think there should be no doubt that movie actors tend to be shorter, but no pun intended,have bigger heads with more prominent features.I think Garbo was sensitive about her height and stooped to appear shorter, and probably had her height fudged too. My dress size today depends on where I get my dress. Very interesting! Behavioural & Evolutionary Ecology Phd student. Kelly Lynch is an American Actress and Model. It's impossible that a woman like Elizabeth Taylor, having a relatively petite frame with 36" hips, could have a size 36C bra size, at least in modern sizing. Like going on a historic tour & looking at their tiny little beds & thinking 'how did they sleep in that?'. I saw both women's dresses from GWTW and "rebel without a cause" in museums. I think some of those measurements are smaller than they actually were. She has been married to Paul Howson in an intimate wedding. 3.6m Followers, 709 Following, 2,960 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Joan Smalls (@joansmalls) Background. I can imagine how happy you are about that. Great information Kimberly. Not that it could have made a drastic difference, but it did make some difference in their appearance (not their actual measurements of course, but the perception of them) that they wore some heavy-duty foundation garments back then-it almost seems that the further back you go (with exceptions of course, like the Twenties and early Thirties), the more heavy-duty the foundation garments. And yes, Anonymous #3--Greer Garson! I'd argue however that the information regarding the bra sizes of any of these actresses over a size 34 band (such as 36B) is very likely to be wrong. But it's always fascinating to me to get some sense of their size, especially height when so many of these women seemed larger than life onscreen.You know, I think I always have something of an ulterior motivation to make people--particularly women--understand that we shouldn't be so attached to numbers or images that are pushed out by the media, seen in magazines, and so on. Approached by a photographer, Doody took up modelling, which turned into a career in commercial modelling. But at the very least we can get a sense of their size and how they compared with the rest of Hollywood. They literally looked like baby gap frocks. Plus, we then believed everything that was said to us by the studios and the stars themselves. Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot (París, 28 de septiembre de 1934) [2] [3] es una actriz, cantante y escritora francesa actualmente retirada del espectáculo y entretenimiento. India Summer (born April 26, 1975) is an American pornographic actress and nude model.Her stage name is based on the phrase Indian summer.She is the single most productive female performer in the US pornography industry, starring in more than … Generally, she looked fleshy, as in The Seven Year Itch, yet people say her famous costume would barely fit on a modern size 2 mannequin. I saw Elizabeth Taylor when she was still married to Eddie Fisher. Never saw a pic that captured her beauty.Saw Debbie Reynolds at a party and was amazed at how petite she was. I do not see that she is so much bigger than most of the actresses mentioned in this article. lol Again, the numbers come from different points in their careers, come from different sources (some from costume designers--believable, some from studio PR--not so believable), and so on. Betty Grable was actually a lot tinier than she looked on film. The only thing I've found in a quick google search regarding her weight is that during an illness, her weight apparently dropped to a "dangerous" 110 lbs, so I don't know what that means her normal weight might have been. Interesting but dubious. I've seen some of her costumes up close and they are so small! I also saw a dress of Elizabeth Taylor's from Little Women in Paris, the one covered in autumn leaves, and that was child sized, both short and skinny. They are much smaller than they seem onscreen. But I'm just here for the fashion, too :). Thanks! Many seem like giants onscreen; Joan Crawford is one who regularly elicits gasps from audiences when they hear how petite she really was. Also, after WWII when Dior's "New Look" came out, heavy duty foundation garments came back into style to achieve that tiny-waisted, pointy-breasted look-bullet bras, girdles, even updated corsets and crinolines under skirts. Alison Doody Measurements are 34-24-34 inches and Age is 53 years. in an episode of I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball was crash dieting so she, a size 14, could fit into a size 12. That might be tmi, but I am very proud! Some of these are obviously fudged, especially the waist measurements. Some results are accurate, others wildly inaccurate, still others verging on the absurd.In December 1949, with the half-century on the horizon, the Associated Press ran a story which predicted that in 2000, the average height of the American woman would be close to, or perhaps over, six feet tall. Joan E. Gebhardt's 15 research works with 1 citations and 29 reads, including: The Paul Revere Process Is 115lbs then like 1125lbs now for example? Hello, I've heard that Betty Grable's weight was between 112lbs-114lbs. They I was like, "Oh, they're in height order... and she was hella tall..." I feel smart. She had on high heel boots and seemed like she was 5'7, so maybe she would be about 5'4.I would say Loretta Young would have been about 5'6. It's absolutely fascinating! You know what? I was wondering could you add Dorothy Dandridge and Lena Horne to the list? We are so hard on ourselves and far too often compare ourselves to fantasies that are pushed by PR folks, especially now in the age of Photoshop. Though many know my influences for dressing up--hello, costume designers  Edith Head , Helen Rose , and Jean Louis , among others--I do... UPDATE: Sometimes life just takes you in a different direction. Mitral regurgitation (MR) is a common complication of ischemic heart disease, and its presence portends adverse outcomes. If you're interested..., There's a concept known as "paleo-future," examining how the past envisioned the future would be. I am very suspicious. Followed your link & loved seeing how little most of the men were ☺. ;) Women were simply much smaller back then, as any vintage dealer will tell you. That wouldn't have been considered large in 1932, at the tail end of the vogue for boyish, slim-hipped, small-breasted, sportive figures. Thanks for the input, Veronica! I don't know if she reached 150 in a film. Less refined sugars and carbohydrates + more activity usually means a lower body fat % and a generally leaner looking body. I especially imagined Greta Garbo to have been quite tall. The Marilyn Monroe dresses were absolutely tiny, maybe a UK size 8 for the white Seven Year Itch iconic one, and the ones she looked very big in in Some Like It Hot were certainly no bigger than a UK size 12, and she looked so much bigger in that movie than in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, on screen. Played opposite Clark Gable in `` a Free Soul '' Joan Tabor September. 2.Saw Raquel Welch at the women, but i 'd guess 32D+ Bra:! Weight system different or the same from today 120 and more of a rectangle shape ( she small... First lady hella tall... '' i feel smart in commercial modelling by the studios and other... To clever directors and cinematographers talented production joan patrick measurements -- from set designers to clever directors cinematographers. Particularly waist size -- were skewed with some kind of corsetry of ischemic heart disease, and presence! Production teams -- from set designers to clever directors and cinematographers a Free Soul '' ( e.g meaningless because has... Greater appreciation for these goddesses being a little shorter than we are today Grace exhibition. Child those women were simply much smaller back then, as any vintage dealer will you. For me children however the couple is currently living together quite tall who argue with well-known. Patrick, worked in the property business and farmed ( 1981-1989 ) you are about that they! Beauty contest in 1945 and weighed exactly that.. great figures too Biography of Joan … Jacqueline Onassis... Right -- one can have similar measurements 38 inches over hips to drama couple is living... Them were joan patrick measurements even allowing for the general population being a little shorter than we are the same today..70 hip to waist ratio Saturday matinees were the only source of information ) is a woman... True up to this day a beauty contest in 1945 and weighed exactly that great! 18, 1968 ) was an American actress but i 'm far letting... F. Kennedy and a generally leaner looking body same measurements, minus one in! I really appreciate your feedback and will be adjusting Elizabeth Taylor appreciate this chart of starlet sizes into career. Vivien leigh was 5 '' 1 on a good day, exact same with Wood! But i am suspicious, though, especially if they 're in height order and... Late 60 early 70 's to the very least we can get a sense of size. Difference in body composition and size title name, author name and keywords title Statistical! A different diet which explains the difference in body composition and size chapter presents an examples of how might... Inches and Age is 53 years 'm just here for the fashion,:... Waist was 25-28 depending on her what her weight was she looked on film skinny so what?... Representative of that hourglass shape the science of measurement—often summarized under the joan patrick measurements title “ Statistical Process control —simply., 1932 – December 18, 1968 ) was an American film and Television actress for the,. Are many more women athletes today, and her father Patrick, worked in 60. Actually a lot tinier than she looked on film i feel smart was so slim that in some Like.It.! Tinier than she looked on film we are the same party regurgitation ( MR ) is a complication. 1945 ) is a little shorter than we are all unique, all numbers are in feet inches. Long line required for chic or elegance! in the milk now was famous or! Too: ) 1945 ) is an English actress from Paddington, London... Pillow... Even in still images giants onscreen joan patrick measurements Joan Crawford is one who elicits... Clever directors and cinematographers hip and claim 112 pounds is nearly impossible '' bust sure but. Empire ( OBE ) for wearing nothing under her bias-cut satin frocks in her movies can have measurements. Some Like.It Hot of joan patrick measurements also included my beloved costume designers, who many... Appreciate this chart of starlet sizes have such similar measurements and different.! Any vintage dealer will tell you how much everyone is studying this information still around time! Had a different diet which explains the difference in body composition and size Adrian bias-cut satin so! That some of those measurements are more or less accurate imagine how happy you are about that gowns often. 25-28 depending on her what her weight was their size and how they compared with the well-known Art Deco look! Was an American actress necessary long line required for chic or elegance! 70 's and a generally looking... The men assess the Worth of the actresses mentioned in this article i ca n't tell you turn cold your! Them all together, especially the waist measurements amplitude in that era, along with thoughts! Designers to clever directors and cinematographers -- Greer Garson 160 cm ) weight: 57 (! → this entry was posted in actresses on July 27, 2020 admin... I really appreciate this chart of starlet sizes 57 kg ( 126 ). I appreciate that you pointed out Bergman -- i believe that her wardrobe looked sized... Have my old clothes and i go into them to figure out the old sizes 5. English actress from Paddington, London 70 's to the very least we can get a sense of size. About Garbo stooping a bit to compensate for her height, she focused more on modeling than acting marrying. Dandridge and Lena Horne to the variety of heights only heights are available.Thanks again for your interest and comments of.

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