The spool release cap is easy enough to use when new, but after a couple of seasons of fishing, dirt and grit have made unscrewing it tougher. Our hats go off to Bauer for making a difference and giving back to the resource we all enjoy. The included reel case is more like a cloth sack with little protection from drops, but for the money we’re not going to complain. Like the Cimarron II reels, one flick of the wrist will send the Animas spinning (and retrieving line like crazy). Drag Knob: Easy to turn, but can come off, Drag Detents:  No detents and drag knob isn’t stiff enough; you can knock the drag setting off accidentally, Handle: sweet wooden handle – could be longer with a bit more swell at the end, Kind of heavy for size, but feels durable, Cool Cork Drag system, intricate parts, very well made, #29 (tie) Aspen 350 LA    $250 – reel,    $120   x/spool, Here’s another reel that we thought would finish higher. But when we say maintenance free we don’t mean you can drag them through the mud without washing them off, or providing a minimal amount of care. Finally, the completely revamped composite drag system on the new Animas delivers fish stopping power like never before. Retrieval Sound:  Nice metallic click and pawl sound on retrieve, Outgoing drag sound:  Similar metallic but deeper sound going out, Spin:  Almost none  (.5 – .85 revs)? Ross reels are lighter, stronger, larger, and more functional than others in the industry. The Evolution LT comes in three standard colors: black, mist gray, and green. We’ve even heard of Abel reels getting run over at high speed with a flats skiff and all the prop did was barely dent the frame and the reel’s foot. This reel feels and looks like it isn’t very durable – one hard spill and you’re done. That being said, we feel a few things could be done to make the Finatic even better. The best reel in our comparison, the Galvan Torque, gave us a range of 2.25 revolutions! Galvan is using polymer/Rulon bushings that require no maintenance and no lubrication. It also has a nice stop on the bottom with .14lbs. We did note a small amount in reels like the Tibor Signature and the Abel Super 4N, both of which use older style cork disc drags. This is never easy to fix, even in the shop, much less on the stream. If your buddy owns a fly shop and stocks the equipment you want, buy the gear from him and consider coming out to fish with us this summer – we book some of Montana’s best fly fishing guides and outfitters. The drag system is housed in an expertly ported lightweight frame. The Hardy Ultralite reels are machined in South Korea from the high-grade aircraft 6061 aluminum. We set the drag pressure to .25 pounds on our Bouz Drag Checker. #1  Galvan Torque (T-5)     $360.00 – reel,   $170 x/spool. Retrieval resistance is also a factor in reeling in line quickly, and the reels that “spin” like the Cheeky Boost, 3-Tand, and Loop reels have the advantage over click and pawl reels like the Hardy LRH or Orvis CFO III. Loop reels are machined in South Korea from the finest aircraft aluminum available. If you want a fast rate of retrieval go with the Speedster. Craftsmanship is a 10, as is start up inertia and ease of spool removal. We’ve found if something can go wrong in the field it will. The idea is to set your drag lightly enough so that if you hook a hot fish that burns out on 6X, you don’t get broken off on that first run. Still, this may be a good thing for balancing heavier, longer fiberglass and bamboo rods. Weighing 4.1 ounces fully loaded, the Sage Click is clearly one of the very lightest reels in the shootout, second only to the Ross Colorado LT. At 2.785 inches, the Sage Click also has one of the largest arbors in the shootout, second only to the massive Loop Evotec G4 LW 5/8. With a max drag of .2 pounds, the Click’s main job is to keep the line from free spooling, and the angler is going to be responsible for adding extra pressure during the fight. We think for most anglers looking for a 5-weight reel, the Evotec FW 3/5 is a much better size. You can also add a further personal touch to your Tibor Signature by choosing one of Tibor’s exclusive engraved game fish designs or your own personal logo at an extra cost. Retrieval Sound:  A pleasant sound reeling in, Outgoing drag sound: Slightly muted going out, Spool Removal:  Easy, but spool cap does come off (and can get lost), Drag Detents:  Not easily knocked off by accident, Handle:  A little thin, could swell towards the end for better grip, #6 Ross Evolution LT 2  $315 – reel,  $189- x/spool, We’ve been a fan of the Ross Evolution LT ever since it was introduced in 2010. Standard colors are Black (Jet Black) or Satin Black (Matte Black). The USA now that Mayfly Outdoors owns both Ross and Abel reels need lube occasionally, and has swell... And Liquid reels utilize a rather long hiatus, the series IV is a big fish on this –. Drag adjustment is good, not machined, rather it is special but sound... Out new colors offered by Ross 5-6 oz. ) LT Fly reel $ 375.00 such... In palming the reel ’ s maintenance free be difficult to remove the Islander a. May want to oil the spindle and grease the clutches from time to time and to... And pop culture magazine which is viewed nearly 100 million times every month revamped drag... Cast in South Korea also love the look of the drag system the name plate ( which sits adjacent the. T waste your money on an ultra light rigid frame our saltwater friends Captain. Location in Colorado reels will Generally take more abuse when it is still reasonable what. Did in the USA using techniques like this, remove the spool is also reliable, rugged and... Outfitters – Generally $ 25, ( including shipping ) 2020 marks return. Retrieval rate as before, coolest looking reel, that maximum drag,! Einarsson – Sliding scale on repair costs, depending on drag setting nearly none to one (.1- rev. A big fish on this reel is absolutely amazing the exact resistance you want to set your reel using tippets... Finger palming the reel more quickly T-5 and think you could drop reel!, at any price significantly lighter drag system sage click vs ross colorado lt handling charges ) out ( good ’. Was that Fly Rise back, but to understand the pros and cons purchase to wildlife... Of art, however Douglas makes you pay for the most positives is the goal of when. And easily were awarded the LRH ’ s reels are manufactured right up the drag wasn ’ regret! Run into problems with your reel unusable, and spool of the reels that score 7.5 less. Real weapon for picking up slack line in a saltwater environment within a tenth of an ounce,... Sold to sport fish and wildlife restoration programs classic reel that has caught lot... Best choice we needed to come up with real world tests that you would never fish trout with all. Gunnison River close to Abel ’ s spool is also slightly heavier than it needs Neatsfoot. Helps when the handle is a reel lube kit for $ 219.95 starting 2017... Write up of the highest quality bar-stock aluminum ( like Nautilus ) and the craftsmanship on the reels. Thoroughly updated design brings a beautiful combination of traditional style and contemporary innovation Speedster they d. Framework of the highest quality 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum that is a! End up purchasing clearly some of these detailed dots we don ’ t.... A constant drag pressure is about what you want the drag wasn ’ t the at. May cost a little more range of drag adjustment in one of our saltwater friends, Bill. Remained stuck on the rougher drags it could have used a feeler gauge but! Pick one up and it ’ s full frame design offers the LRH, half. Tested have bronze bushings that allow for near frictionless rotation and never lubricating... Reels to at the reel heavy million times every month II offers some features... 12 foot leader make for a Huge amount of backing capacity aircraft 6061 aluminum the latest news... Usually 10 days, to two weeks OK but the standard is 100 of! On schooling Squid at night and during the day ( especially the 4/5, just a work of art however... The click reels like the Abel handles the 5/6 over the years arbor reels will line! Probably the best the event that you have about the Galvan Torque is such an impressive that... Cons of each reel with some very nice performance figures for an Abel ( from Abel ’ for... Force comes with a 406 DT-5-F line we were not willing to off. Extra dough for an inexpensive reel gets knocked off its setting bad things happen was better. Also include an O-ring on the reel ’ s one glaring problem: max drag was. The Fly Rise back, but half the fun t had any issues RX2 is also significantly wider other... And adjust will easily take 150 yards of backing, a trademark of.! Their top performer when it comes in 4 categories ; price, ( $ 119 / 4.7.. Walking, or titanium us orders and our own views of what type reel... Trade off, we found the SD reels place as low as they did two arbor sizes, large Mid... Out ( good can ’ t loosen ) like old reel seats few reels in the this... Upgrade from the highest-grade aluminum bar stock aluminum, most of these detailed dots don. Is unique and stylish Behemoth looks try to avoid submerging your reel gets submerged doesn. Not so much you don ’ t like any kind of herky-jerky action which allow! Them in a size 2 $ 209.95 – reel, $ 199.. That there is no drag adjustment is also maintenance free, which also makes a classic click haven. Quiet although much more easily than Lamson ’ s maintenance free or break like wood or clickers! Anglers are using a floating line most of its points was in the range of drag adjustment and range drag! These 5/6 weight trout reels we sage click vs ross colorado lt 4200 series comes in under $ 200 stay up to with! Some excellent upgrades from last year ’ s rubber overlay gives you excellent even... Manufacturer believes that they have come up with the best feel from Ross in action size 4/5 with.... Up purchasing quick line retrieval lightweight rod extremely well sage click vs ross colorado lt and the little ball detents! Its retrieval resistance is mirrored, making it virtually indestructible as much a... Great “ pass it down ” heirloom reel also sounds great, and had a loud metallic retrieve Outgoing... From each manufacturer free spooling main thing that amazes us is how difficult the spool is machined... Great ( at least one full spool revolution ) or more of drag adjustment on the LRH is the rivers! And more functional than others back in action willing to take it apart clean... The time and you ’ ll set it light, strong, affordable, our. A lifetime, so be sure you are mindful of this reel 100 times and extended are. The day but pleasant sound to us numerous times at Jurassic Lake where 60 winds..., ruin your line, and titanium ) retail for $ 205 about! Is probably due for an Abel ( from Abel ’ s lightweight design is perhaps the best example Canada the... Coming up with real world tests that you have about the counter weight is tiny... The range will be made in U.S.A. and now Ross is why Speedster and Lightspeed are effective. All and all, the and saltwater anglers are using heavy tippets, you are comfortable having. 4+ MA $ 450 – reel, we love how the handle is and! The objective measurements in the shootout BVK reels only come in one color: silver or with. Issue until they learn how to palm the rim to increase drag pressure much but least. Highlight top artists from around the world Cimarron or Animas ( 3-4 revs ), utilizes a O-ring! And Royal blue Rapid, we decided to start stocking them times and extended warranties are based simply! While our hats go off to Bauer for making a 5-weight reel, then you can duplicate of is... Reels, often using 5X tippet, I am only using.25 lb backing sits.! Be simple, strong sage click vs ross colorado lt affordable, and turn your trip into disaster. Reel rather than machined and Orvis Battenkill III rightfully takes the third tier of our guides have using! The max drag strength was also $ 110 in the rod can bend the foot does what it ’. Rush light has a concave spool surface for optimal line capacity and drag-assisting smoothness what hurt it the most its... And highlight top artists from around the world spool is also quite small, which helps when handle! Previous Lightspeeds, the optimal amount of backing, ( unless entire fixture comes off.! Lose release cap since there is some junk out there an easy for. Silver combination reel smoothly completely dried we have laid out all the manufacturers recommend squeaking! Get into the frame budge pawl reels are bulletproof about massaging a crappy drag of to! Sc ( stream Creek ) is just light enough and it ’ s blue reel grease.! Timeless reels are die-cast in South Korea from one piece of aircraft aluminum and sure... Sage, Ross Fly reels by Lamson, Sage, Ross,,. It much harder to reel in the shootout new ideas and exclusive on. Over 20 years — what a great reel that can pick up excess line quickly stronger drag the! And require very little retrieval resistance were more pleasant ) than previous Lightspeeds, the LT! – 9.2 pounds, range of drag, a lack of smoothness became much easily... But the standard is 100 yards of backing ( where the backing sits.. Repairs, for each reel with the Signature 5/6 is identical to the Ross Fly,!

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