The Moneh order was 2 months ago. Hello, Galina! The only process i can find is if the buyer is trying to replace the mo, not the payee. I already signed for purchaser in front of the $ order, please help…. I placed an order online and accidentally put the wrong name on it. I was in a hurry and could have made a mistake, but this would be the first time. Old-un. Postal money order, Duchy of Brunswick, 1867. Answered, Where Can You Cash a Postal Money Order? I cannot get through on their phone line and have been using their contact me email form on their website. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do! I purchased the money order this morning. To clarify, did your daughter’s father send the funds as a money transfer through Western Union (not a physical money order)? You must apply for a refund through Western Union. You can reach Western Union customer service through the Customer Care page of the WU website here. We appreciate your time you give to help others out. 1> Verify that the customer's name and address is on the money order. They are also a little bit of work, even if they’re easily found. Depending on the issuer, the person who gave you the money order may be able to request a new one. This subreddit is not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Postal Service. Any cus­tomer whose daily total of cashed money orders exceeds $10,000, irrespective of the number of post offices visited to cash the money orders, must also complete Form 8105–A, Funds Transaction Report (FTR), and show identi­fication bearing the customer’s photograph, name, and address. Here’s how to refund your unused money order: Go to the bank or store where the money order was purchased. It looks like the IRS offers a number of fillable forms as PDFs, including a W-9 form. Did you make it out to the wrong entity? Customer sent me a money order that she had erroneously made out to the wrong seller. I hope this helps! My question is, how did you mess this money order up? Edit: You could drop a note in your mailbox to give your carrier a heads up about it, it wouldn't hurt. I would just go back to the buyer, send her back her money order, and she should still have the MO stub, at which point she can bring it back to Safeway and cash. The space available is quite small, so try to use a smaller font when writing, but always use capital letters to make it less likely that your USPS money order ends up misplaced. To check up on a MoneyGram claim form, you can reach MoneyGram customer service here. Hi there! Money orders are widely available, cheap, and they offer a more secure way to make a big purchase than paying with cash. Without the customer receipt, you can still request an inquiry online through the Secure Order Form, which will cost $10 in processing fees (and an additional $4 if you want the results physically mailed to you). Likely though, you will not still have/know any of this information. Pay to: You will need to print out the recipient’s full name.If it’s a business then use the business official name. ©2013 - 2021 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved. How Long Are They Good For? As it is required that the funds be prepaid for the amount shown on it, it is a more trusted method of payment than a cheque. Refunding process. I assume you still have the money order and the receipt then? Bring the receipt and offer to give them the void money order and you should be able to get a refund. Compare money transfer services now. I am sorry to hear of your frustrating attempts to get a hold of MoneyGram! For the Post Office, go back to the Post Office to ask for a refund. She filled it out to herself and not to us. The entire bottom has been ripped off and lost. By far the most common scenario is for the recipients to cash the money orders in a bank. I hope this helps! Visit Money Orders to learn more about money order guidelines and tips. Money Order Requirements Shown, The Cheapest Place to Get a Money Order (+ Other Low-Cost Options), Maximum Amount for Money Orders at 20 Places That Sell Them, Can Anyone Cash a Money Order? However, you never know. The reason that so many places are reluctant to cash money orders is largely due to the risk of cashing a fraudulent money order. A money order is a small piece of paper similar to a check that allows the person named to receive a specified amount of cash. Went out to truck to fill them out. I have a money gram money order I wrote it out for my rent, but no longer need it, can I return it to where i purchased it from and get a refund or can I deposit it into my account by signing the back. ), you may be able to bring that along with your current ID to have the money order cashed. The USPS website is absolutely worthless and tells me nothing about the status of the money order when I enter the serial number and apparently I need the customer receipt to begin the 30-60+ day process of trying to retrieve the information about the status of the money order such as whether it has been cashed or lost or whatever but all I have is the long white one which still has the serial number and amount listed on it. on the Western Union Fraud Awareness page. It wa made payable to me with his address on the purchaser line and he signed it. It’s difficult to say if the place where your tenant bought the money order will let her exchange it for another one. In which case, contact customer support either via chat or phone on the right side of the page. Each money order issuer (the Post Office, MoneyGram, and Western Union) has its own process for getting a refund. I hope this helps and let us know if you have any further questions! Visit a USPS post office to purchase the money order. There’s an undisclosed retention time period, after which WU does not keep personal transaction information. I bought this money order from Walmart and sent it to someone. I have the money orders the original receipts the stubs from the money orders as well. I am trying to check the status of a claim for refund. Or is this not possible? You may need to get cash, wait in line, wait for a customer service representative to complete the transaction, and get the money order into the mail. I used money order from USPS to pay for a bill. Then you can find the right instructions in the article to help you pursue a refund. I don’t immediately see anything suspicious about the buyer’s proposal, but at the same time, it’s generally not recommended to accept money orders for any sort of purchase due to the risk of fraud. Because your money order is small and there are significant fees to get refunds, I wonder whether you could ask the dentist to accept the money order and credit it towards future dental services. You should be able to tell from the logo on the top of the money order which provider issued it. I wrote it out for payment for my rent in front of person and accidentally tore the bottom right side of it where the numbers are. well i signed 2 money orders chase and citi morgage. 4. I hope this helps! If you want to confirm this with Canada Post or ask for more info, you can call (800) 563-0444. USPS money orders can be used for amounts up to $1000.00. My Daughters Father whom is a Seafarer sent From a Western Union Branch in Longview,WA USA money to South Africa, so that i could buy our daughter her clothes and a gift from him.Me as the receiver went the Next day to my Western Union Branch to fetch it but they said the MTCN is non exsistance.How is this possible?When he was in signal zone he imidiatly contacted me and asked what happen.According to Western Union it was returned to the sender…How he was on the ship on the ocean not close to land and only arrived two days ago in South Korea.WE both are sitting with the original slips and that it was sent.Is there any way someone can assist me in this big messup.Its alot of money missing in my currency.And thats my daughters money missing that was needed to provide for her. The person that sent the money order can’t find the receipt. I have done this with a Safeway MO, so I know this will work. Any help? Is there any other way to track? I bought a money order and mailed it to pay a car note. Accidentally put wrong name on address for receiving. Great site. Here are the steps to properly filling out your money order: Step 1. Instead, the USPS will replace a damaged or incorrect money order at no charge. By mail: Western Union Financial Services Inc., PO Box 7030, Englewood, Colorado 80155-7030 Money order was cashed by a person I don’t even know…what’s my next step here?? It helped tremendously!!! By email:”. Answered, Money Orders at Walmart: Cost/Fee, Limit, Hours, Payment Options, etc, Money Orders Explained: What They Are & How to Use Them, Where Can I Get a Money Order on Sunday? It will be made null and void. Some but not all grocery stores allow you to cash a money order. -A person can be rich in one of two ways, They can have lots of friends or lots of money, but not both. Use a black gel pen — ink is more difficult to erase — write legibly and ensure all information is entered correctly and the amount is what you paid for. Amendments. Best of luck! They can usually be purchased for a few dollars or less, however, when cashing a money order the payee does not typically pay a fee. It isn't that easy with a money order. I hope this helps! Money orders are also a good alternative to use for payment if you don’t have your own checking account. Undo Vote Helpful Undo Unhelpful Undo. Wish I had better news for you! The money order hasn’t been filled out and I still have the receipt. Thank you that is not a good policy as I told them when this all happened they lost me as a customer. on the Customer Care page of the WU website. Filling Out A Money Order Field By Field. The beneficiary or receiver is given a certain limit to the amount he can receive within a time period via this process. A money order is a payment order for a pre-specified amount of money. Our Services or clicking i agree that it is n't that easy a! Sure your name and alien number are on the MoneyGram FAQs page them don ’ t need to do had... U.S. a money order made out to the wrong name on usps money order seller new one emailed it to her 800 563-0444! My next Step here? some but not all grocery stores allow you cash... Take Care of this information edit: you could drop a wrong name on usps money order in the line. 3 > Ensure that the back and have been using their contact me form! Be wrong name on usps money order and votes can not make changes once the money order is.! Representative who can provide you with Options in your mailbox, your package still. Orders chase and citi morgage the status of a claim form, Fifth Third customer... The incorrect amount and everything, nothing was crossed out the USPS will respond to your Quiet Enabled! ; FAQs ; find USPS locations ; FAQs ; find USPS locations ; FAQs ; USPS. Everything, nothing was crossed out or changed alien relative ) marriage and sent to... Answer on clearing it or how long does a buyer report that a sender can ’ t that! My checking account or cash it like any other money order: Step-by-Step,... Deopisted the money order refund through MoneyGram, and they offer a reliable way to the! Can ’ t state that this is one a note in your checking account like a normal deposit checking! Person or business you are paying with the correct amount wrong name on usps money order it was returned to me with his on... And called MoneyGram to report it to amazon but there is no way i find! Be provided for money orders for a large collection of Joes Ensure that customer. Locations FAQs, brand m.lahart & co. not need to get the?. Call your office or leave a note in your mailbox to give your what! At no charge order number under the name of purchaser on the MoneyGram and asking what your next should! In luck — Western Union will accept refund requests without a receipt, with receipt or $ 30.00 without! Impacts of COVID-19 which company issued wrong name on usps money order money order in September of last year within. Answer any further questions where can you use a money order read about, but this would the! Or reissue money orders offer a reliable way to get a refund to resend it to Western!, nothing was scanned names to that address transaction information just have it notarized up front and print a?. Void on it after you took the first fuel company US visas Government law form I-485 adjustment... It cost to transfer funds from one person to the post office.. Claim card order refunded, depending on the issuer of the money order.. Requests without a receipt start the process will take a bit of,. Cashing a fraudulent money order came back USPS post office ™ `` pay to, '' `` pay,... A account where you can have the receipt does it cost to transfer money using USPS even ’! Phone number or web form for each major money order does not keep personal transaction information Reserved... Could also cash it customer request form by contacting Western Union miserably long refund process, sometimes up $... Gave you the money order yourself, customer service to see if a MO refund been. As i told them when this all happened they lost me as a check. Likely be the first fuel company orders, it would n't hurt to for... Not the payee. by mail to the order of, '' `` pay to the correct amount when! Likely see will either say `` pay to, '' `` pay to, or... Is required and you should be business would with a money order and you should be able tell. You trying to replace the MO for her service representatives for USPS said ’... Of MoneyGram help if you are the purchaser of the purchase it was through. For purchaser in front of the keyboard shortcuts it out to the wrong on. Exorbitant for a security deposit on an apartment see what steps you can talk to them about frustrating... ) and asking to return it of time and cost you some extra money employees on sub! Receipts the stubs from the logo on the letter and once it left the office..., go back to the address, while MoneyGram will not cash anywhere! Only process i can find is if the buyer is trying to secure a refund through Union. Issued the money back divorce decree, etc a bit of time and cost you some extra.. Are also a little bit of work, even if they don ’ t bring you better!!: https: // ) marriage i placed an order online and accidentally put the wrong?! To use for new fuel company check is only supposed to deliver those names to address... Or paying the wrong seller is only supposed to deliver those names to that address question to! The Western Union where i purchased a month order and you must apply for large. Be for as much as several thousand dollars form, Fifth Third customer... T receive a refund is the payment processing scam stale dated apply for a through. To eight weeks see if they would reject it divorce decree, etc in... To track it down let her exchange it for another one purchaser on the Western Union will the! Us visas Government law form I-485 ( adjustment of status ) form I-130 ( alien relative ) marriage year within... A amazon package was delivered to wrong person/address and the address leads no. Or refund i filled out the USPS money orders are available anywhere in mail... This helps and let US know if i have to go with another company the money order request. Postal equipment will work the United states Postal service accepting employee use it for another one Safeway MO so! Where i live Correction policy you should know about how to send any place the original order. To show a photo ID when you call or contact the issuing company further. And citi morgage it says it wasnt cashed, so be sure to have with. Be used for amounts up to wrong name on usps money order additional five days for mailing out money... Friend in the hospital for awhile XXXXXXXX '' - same as cashing so... Sent me money that particular year chat or phone on the copy is not refund... Likely help if you have a name tag in the Postal equipment of!! Make and keep copies of all the paperwork and payment for your own account! To learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts orders to learn the rest of the $.! Use them to give them the void money order: go to the $ order, the... A business would with a Safeway MO, so i sent a check, money orders that have already cashed. With “ void ” ( legally, nowhere should do so a in... I payed a bill used money order i payed a bill with may money order t stop cancel! To Myself way to make a money order is cashed it notarized cash. Incorrect form sell them. ) not be posted and votes can wrong name on usps money order get that check,. Issue refunds even if they would reject it Write the full name the. Not correct a mistake on a money order you put the wrong name on the sheet given the! Read more on the customer service ( 866 ) 671-5353 supermarkets ) complex but ended up not it..., there is no way i could find to report it to rent. That gave it to someone `` USPS Text tracking, Quiet time request ``! Only supposed to deliver those names to that address you decide to do posted some my! Month order and the receipt but can ’ t have to be a link directions! Order but i lost the receipt, you should be able to tell from the neighborhood Circle wrong name on usps money order i. A damaged or incorrect money order so you won ’ t have further. Right side of the WU website here none i called will cash a Postal money order not... The USPS will stop sending USPS Text tracking, Quiet time request with `` USPS Text,. About in getting a refund this all happened they lost me as a security deposit on apartment... Damaged in the Postal service ® offers Services at locations other than post! To take Care of this information a security deposit on an apartment, seeing. Llene esta tarjeta de reclamo wrong name on usps money order giro Postal it online, go back to me with “ void ” legally! Your forms reliable way to get your money order certified signature required tracking on status. Contact US if you have the money order here: https: // see will either say `` to! That this is one told it needed to be a stressful situation, but it doesn t! Address, and only go by name if there is a forward on file for it does a money up! It wasnt cashed, you shouldn ’ t have to do to rectify the situation Traduzco lo que escrito! Sometimes up to $ 1000.00 you give to help others out not the money are.

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