A clean and functional dial is achieved with the use of silver baton hands with large lume plackets.. Purple case wristwatches will add a pop of colour to any outfit. 2 watches appear in the movie though. Bonham’s November 21st Wristwatches auction saw a Big Triangle 165.024 SM 300 on its original bracelet hammer down at $20,200 US. Notice the slight serif at the top of the 6 and open loop. I think Fleming was going for a tough watch,seiko comes in later in the films, I think Fleming was a snob,(just who he was) don’t know if he would have had the knowledge to pick anything other a common known tough but expensive watch,.I like to think the seiko skx 007 on my wrist as I write this would have suited J.B down to the ground on my nice looking rubber strap as the tough but now handsome looking athletic looking watch that it is. However, it’s mainly since the arrival of Omega as an official partner that this accessory has gained a more important status. The year was 1948. Introducing – Omega Seamaster Diver 300m “Commander’s Wat... © 2006– Omega Seamaster 300M 2531.80 Out of the two examples he gave, the Omega Seamaster 300M (or Seamaster Diver 300M as it is referred to it by Omega today) was one. Omega introduced the Seamaster Diver 300M in 1993 as the company’s go-to modern dive watch. Bond wears the watch on a black Rubber strap. Your article was a treat. Retrospective – The Entire Omega Seamaster x James Bond 007 History, https://monochrome-watches.com/retrospective-omega-seamaster-james-bond-007-history/, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M SKYFALL Limited Edition, Omega Seamaster and James Bond 007 – A 20-year love story. But it was in 1993 that Omega gave us the model known as the 300M. Values of original mil-watches have risen sharply in recent years giving rise to a surge in fakes and frankens. Today the Seamaster remains Omegas oldest series still in production. Care, research and a sharp eye are required to avoid the newbie tax. There is a very tight link between the Speedmaster and the Seamaster 3oo. The model was an immediate hit and became the brand’s best seller. See all the watches and enjoy a legacy of horological quality and innovation! From Bonds’ first adventures he has been seen with Rolex, Breitling, Seiko, and TAG, but not until 1995 did someone decide Omega was the watch for Bond. Seamaster Diver 300M Nekton Edition To help protect the sea, OMEGA has joined forces with Nekton, a foundation committed to the protection of the world’s oceans. Dial – The proper fonts have a slight serif and the loops of the 6 and 9 are open. And while some feel size doesn’t matter, relying solely on the “motion of the ocean” isn’t a concern here. Industry in postwar Europe was still shifting gears to peacetime, with military innovations finding new life in the civilian market. Ensure the markings inside the case back are stamped and not etched. Until it was redesigned for combat use, a watch was considered a sensitive and delicate instrument. The Seamaster 3oo was one of three specialty watches Omega came out with in the late 50s. Bond can be seen at the beginning of the movie, during a mission with Eve Moneypenny in Istanbul, wearing the latest version of the Planet Ocean 600m. Once again, serious and modern style, meaning no gadgets and no specific role for the watch in this movie. Case – When examining the lettering on the case back ensure the ‘A’ in ‘WATERPROOF’ has a wide, flat top and not a pointy one. She said, “I was convinced that Commander Bond, a naval man, a diver and a discreet gentleman of the world would wear the Seamaster with the blue dial.”, Pierce Brosnan as James Bond 007 wearing an Omega Seamaster 300m Quartz Professional – GoldenEye, 1995. The new watch also features several novelties, ranging from technological improvements to forward aesthetics and some detailing from the past. In this case a tough, rugged, damn nice watch. As a professional dive watch with an automatic movement, it’s not too chunky or overbearing and wears pleasantly modern. However, if the watch itself is the same in these 3 movies, it is fitted with different gadgets. Once activated, the indexes indicate the remaining time before explosion by turning red. OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M vs ROLEX Submariner Date. The Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M was released in 1993 and, as its ancestors, possessed a bit of the original Seamaster essence while also bringing in a ton of new aesthetic elements. The new Seamaster Diver 300M derives from a legendary family with a competitive history full of innovation. Following a long tradition, this piece of equipment is loaded with gadgets, such as a laser, which helps 007 to evacuate a soon-to-be exploding train. Inside is the in-house calibre 8500. The New OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M . In 1995, the OMEGA Seamaster achieved mainstream popularity when it joined the James Bond film franchise. This watch also featured arrow hands but was now equipped with the caliber 550/552, also automatic. In the 1990s, the Omega Seamaster experienced a renaissance as a luxury sports watch, and much of that momentum can be attributed to the Seamaster becoming the … This first iteration of the Seamaster had a fixed bezel, low contrast dial, small lume plackets (if any) and small, elegant hands. Original authentic 2nd gen SM 300 dial. More than half a century later, the Seamaster 300 is reintroduced in a completely upgraded and enhanced form, prepared to equip a new generation of adventurers on land and in the oceans. At that time, the watch still had a metallic bezel and featured the Calibre 2500, the modified ETA with Co-Axial escapement. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Director Martin Campbell and his long-time cinematographer Phil Meheux BSC both made ‘GoldenEye’ starring Pierce Brosnan in 1995 and rebooted the beleaguered franchise a second time with ‘Casino Royale’ starring Daniel Craig in 2006. It’s true that it’s sibling the Speedmaster steals most of the limelight with its lunar heritage and recent record breaking sales, but that isn’t always what it’s about. The dial symmetry and scarcity of the non date version has led to increased demand, with Big Triangle versions striking highest. On one side is the most famous special agent in the world.